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DES MOINES – Today, regarding the upcoming County Conventions on March 21, Iowa Democratic Party Chair Mark Smith released the following statement:

“Today, the Iowa Democratic Party is announcing it will postpone County Conventions to a future date to be determined. After extensive consultation with County Chairs, the State Central Committee, party leaders, and public health officials, we have come to the determination that the spreading coronavirus poses a risk that outweighs a temporary delay in moving the caucus-to-convention process forward."

As of this time, District and State Convention planning will proceed as scheduled. For more information on COVID-19 in Iowa, please visit the Iowa Department of Public Health website for the latest updates and safety precautions.

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Chris Adcock, Page County Democrats Chair, shares with the KMA listeners and any registered independents how they can get involved on caucus night. Listen now!

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Today, 27 volunteers from six Southwest Iowa counties and seven 2020 Campaigns gathered in Pacific Junction, IA, to help clean up from the March floods. Displaced residents still need our help even after today.

These successful Giveback Days in Pacific Junction are possible only because AmeriCorps has managed the logistics, scheduling, and coordinating for our groups. Sadly, there is a very real chance that Iowa representatives and emergency relief programs will not extend the AmeriCorps stay past Aug. 10.


In addition to volunteer Southwest Iowa Democrats, representatives of the DCCC, and Warren, O'Rourke, Klobuchar, Gillibrand, Delaney, Buttigieg and Booker campaigns pulled on muck boots and got busy.

Two work groups went out. One drove caravan to the west side of I-29 but detoured twice before arriving at their work location. One group worked at a location closer to town.

We sorted out personal items, threw out ruined furniture, rotted drywall and dried corn stalks. We dodged rusty nails, avoided small jumping frogs, swinging rake and shovel handles, and increasing rain drops (which were a blessing at the end of a hot, sweaty day).

Donna Crum coordinated and prepared a delicious lunch for all volunteers and the AmeriCorps Disaster Response Team: SW Iowa Floods 2019 crew. Vikki O’Hara brought Gemma, a Crisis Canine service dog and we all got to love on her.

After lunch, we all packed up and moved to a location east of the interstate. At another house, we raked more corn stalks. The homeowners were afraid the dried stalks posed a fire threat.

Page, Mills , Fremont, Pottawattamie, Polk and Warren Counties got up early and dug in. Many thanks to Roxanna , Donna, Emily, Tara, Meagan, Jake, Lynsey, Kimberly, Sheryl, Peter, Gregory, Levi, Emma, Ken, Ann, Adam, Carter, Jennifer & Randy, Jennifer, and Michaela.

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